वट सावित्री व्रत कथा | Vat Savitri Fast Story

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She travel many countries and forests for search of suitable bridegroom.One day she met with king Dyumatsen.Dyumatsen was the king od Saalv country, but his enemy snatched his kingdom.So, he lived at the forest with his wife and son Satyavaan.Savitri get impressed with king’s son Satyavan and decided to made him her husband.She return back to her country quickly and informed about her decision to king Ashvapati.
Coincidentally, at the same time Rishiraj naarad also came to met with Madraraj Ashwapati at his country.When Naarad heard about the decision of Savitri, then he said to Ashvati- “O raajan! Savitri’s decision is very right.Satyvan is very talented and religious but he has only one defect,he has only one year life.”

सोमवती अमावस्या व्रत विधि, कथा एवं उद्यापन हिंदी में- हिंदी मास के अनुसार हर मास में अमावस्या आती है । लेकिन जब किसी भी माह में सोमवार के दिन अमावस्या तिथि पड़ती है तो उसे, सोमवती अमावस्या कहते हैं ।
Somvati Amavasya vrat vidhi and Katha in Hindi According to Hindi Calender Amavasya falls in every month. But when it comes on Monday it is called Somvati Amavasya.

वट सावित्री व्रत विधि, पूजन सामग्री एवं कथा हिंदी में- ज्येष्ठ मास के कृष्ण पक्ष की अमावस्या को सावित्री का व्रत किया जाता है. ऐसी मान्यता है कि जो भी स्त्री इस व्रत को करती है उसका सुहाग अमर हो जाता है।
Vat Savitri Vrat Katha and Pujan Vidhi in Hindi - Vat savitri falls on amavasya tithi of krishna paksha jyeshta month. The woman who did this Vrat has got immortal suhag.

अनंत चतुर्दशी व्रत विधि एवं कथा हिंदी में - अनंत चतुर्दशी के दिन भगवान श्री हरि की पूजा की जाती है । यह व्रत भाद्रपद के शुक्ल पक्ष की चतुर्दशी तिथि को किया जाता है ।
Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Katha and Vidhi in Hindi- People Worshipped God vishnu on Anant Chaturdashi. It falls on fourth day of Shukla Paksha Bhadra Month.

करवा चौथ व्रत विधि एवं कथा - करवा चौथ का व्रत कार्तिक कृष्ण पक्ष के चतुर्थी तिथि को मनाया जाता है। यह व्रत सुहागिन स्त्रियाँ अपने पति की लम्बी उम्र के लिये करती हैं।
Karwa Chauth vrat vidhi and katha in Hindi - Karvaa chauth celebrates on fourth day of waning moon in kaartik month. Married women keep this fast with benediction of her husband long life.

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